About Us

Company Profile

How We Started

Phee Brothers Food Product Sdn Bhd had a humble beginning. It started its business in year 1996 as a food manufacturing company at a very small premise at Jalan Raja Uda. It later moved to Mak Mandin Light Industrial Park.

How We Grew Over The Years

Phee Brothers Food Product Sdn Bhd has grown, diversified and expanded over the years and is now capable of producing high quality food at competitive price. Up to today, the company covers products more than just jams and spreads, including bakery ingredients, flavourings and colourings.

The increasing competition in the food manufacturing industry has enabled us to improve in terms of professionalism, expertise and efficiency. We focus on our competencies for performance on delivering high and consistent quality products, prompt delivery and superior customer service.

What Do We Emphasize On

Our employees are committed to achieve the highest standard of performance as predetermined by the company. We take pride in our pledge to achieve total excellence in quality control. Hygiene awareness on machines and production area, analysis of ingredients, microbiological test and heavy metal contamination analysis are the focus of our strict quality control. Microbiological test will be performed on all batches of our products to make sure all the food we produce are safe to consume and hygienic.

We also undertake Research and Development (R&D) for new products. These new products will be introduced to our customers after they are developed.

Company Philosophy

Phee Brothers Food Product Sdn. Bhd. emphasizes on the importance of high quality work and services to its customers. The company takes pride to ensure that all goods manufactured are completed and delivered on time to its customers.

The strength of the company is in its people. Each and every staff is considered as an asset and is vital to the company’s growth and stability. Good teamwork and management are important as the key to success for the company and its future expansion strategies. We strive to provide an even better product ecosystem.